01 /Are we a good fit?

If you are an adventurous person who doesn’t take yourself too seriously. Doesn’t mind getting a little dirty, and is spontaneous by nature, then I believe we can have a good cooperation. This experience can be fun for both of us, resulting in a photo session in pursuit of magic, without overly posing, capturing the beauty of the moment without pretending to be anything but your authentic self. My best clients love the beauty of the simplicity of somewhat wild locations and the minimalist indoor studio photo-shootings as well. They see photographers and their vision as an investment in their memories that will last forever. As a photographer, I love the ocean, the beauty and effortlessness of the wilderness, nature and its delicate colors, loose hair, and neutral yet sensual apparel. Honesty, raw emotion, authenticity, the innocence of love. That’s what my photography is all about.

I mostly do wedding, pre-wedding, couple and brand sessions but I also do family, single portraits, and lifestyle photography. If you have a different offer for me, feel free to contact me and I believe I'll come up with something.

02 /What types of sessions do you offer?

Outdoor sessions are usually held 1.5 hours before sunset or in the early morning. Sunny midday should be avoided. Indoor sessions are more likely to be held in the morning or midday.

03 /When should I have my photo session?

04 /Can you photoshop us to look skinnier/have clear skin/etc?

I won't fully retouch your face, whiten your teeth or make you look slimmer. I will make some simple corrections (ex. remove pimples from the face) only if something is extremely obtrusive to the image. My style is all about natural.

05 /When will I receive my images?

Usually, I deliver the full edited gallery up to two weeks after the session.

06 /How many images are included?

The number of images depends on the package you choose. The rest of the images from your online gallery will be available for purchase at additional prices. You can purchase as many photos as you want.

09 /What should we wear for photos?

Don't worry about it! I will provide you with a detailed 'What To Wear' guide after you book a session with me.

10 /What's the difference between printing rights and copyrights?

All my sessions include full printing rights to all edited images. You can print them for personal use, post them on social media, share them with family and friends. What you cannot do is - alter, edit or crop the images in any way, enter competitions for money, sell them. Copyright means that you are the author of the work you produce and have ownership over the things you create.

I provide neither RAW nor unedited photos. Editing is a part of the process and something that defines a photographer. So by giving unedited files, one's work will no longer seem to have the meaning it should have had.

11 /Can we have all of the RAW images?

13 /Can I bring my dog to the session?

Of course you can! I am an animal lover and, in fact, all animals are welcome to my sessions.

14 /How do I book a session with you?

Thanks for asking. You just need to click 'contact' page at the top of my website and fill out the form. You can also e-mail directly to contact@lavanderlost.com