Fine-Art Photographer based in Phuket, Thailand

My vision is to get to know you first, capture what's sincere and vulnerable without creating an overly posed appearance or photos that feel unnatural. If you allow yourself to relax, act naturally, and forget about the camera during our time spent together, then I'm sure our connection will lead to a product that feels authentic. My goal is to document your intimate moments, to make a sublime photos, which inspire and uplift the souls, creating memories to last a lifetime.

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Nikolina Paut


Since childhood I used to rewrite notebooks because I didn't like my handwriting. Perfectionist by nature, always thinking something could've been done better, but I'm learning to be more relaxed and less obsessed with improving things. The birth of my girl both changed me and guided me to find true self while inspiring me in many different aspects of life I didn't know exist. Soon, I decided to try myself in, not only photography, but everything related to visual appeal. I would've never imagined life would take me so far from my hometown, but I'm adventurer at heart, and I wanted to create the life of my dreams. I would describe myself as a shy, very emotional, sometimes too self-conscious, and very versatile as a person. I'm constantly brainstorming about new setups and creative projects. Photography is my passion, and I put my whole self into work. As a universal language that speaks to the heart, photography can take you somewhere deeper, invoking memories, feelings, and hope. After all, these memories make us who we are.