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Hi, I'm Nikolina. Creative, adventurous and empathic soul from Croatia, based in Thailand.

I'm a visual storyteller, photographer, content creator and aspiring designer, but first of all, I'm a mother. The birth of my girl both changed me and guided me to find my true self while inspiring me in many different aspects of life I didn't know exist. Soon, I decided to try myself in the world of photography, but also in everything related to visual appeal. Perfectionist by nature, always thinking something could've been done better, but I'm learning to be more relaxed and less obsessed with improving things.

MOJO, for atopic skin

Memories are timeless treasures of the heart




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That mindset.

That goal.

That dream.

Build it.

Nikolina and I have had some wonderful collaborations over the past year where she presented herself in a several fields. Except for design that Nikolina made flawlessly and exactly as I imagined, she is maximally organized, never late with the materials, gives suggestions for business improvement and shows great initiative. A dedicated, creative and intelligent young woman with a great knowledge of social media and marketing trends. Nikolina quickly gathers key information and researches she's working on, which is really praiseworthy.


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Over the years, I've identified skills and developed abilities for everything I do. I managed to achieve interesting and successful collaborations which kept me motivated and inspired me to carry on with my work.


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I love to observe and capture my photos in a very natural, honest and uncontrived way. My work is an expression of what I'm most passionate about - graphic design, visual consistency, photography and much more.

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