I'm Nikolina. Creative, adventurous, and emphatic soul from Croatia. Visual storyteller, photographer and aspiring designer, but first of all, a mother.

My vision is to get to know you first, capture what's sincere and vulnerable without creating an overly posed appearance or photos that feel unnatural. If you allow yourself to relax, act naturally, and forget about the camera during our time spent together, then I'm sure our connection will lead to a product that feels authentic. My goal is to document your intimate moments, to make sublime photos, which inspire and uplift the souls, creating memories to last a lifetime.

I work with a focus on couple, family and brand photography. Indoor and outdoor as well. Transcending borders, conquering time, seeing in unique and compelling ways - that's what taking pictures represents to me.


A collection of my favorite narratives





I capture intimate and real, unposed moments between couples and families, allowing my photography to speak for itself.